Let’s create change – one initiative at a time

The fashion industry is one of the world’s most polluting industries, with relatively little sustainable innovation being implemented by companies. It is time for industry players to practice more sustainable initiatives throughout their value chains.

This winter, Snowroller is taking action by going through a green shift. We may be small, but hey – one step in the right direction is a good start!

Our vision

Snowroller aims to be one of the leading actors of sustainable fashion ski wear by adopting a circular business model and overall challenging the norm of how clothes should be made. Having just started our own journey towards a greener fashion industry, we are excited to keep innovating our methods in order to help sustain a healthy ecosystem.

Recycled collection

The fabric of this year’s ski suits is made from 100% recycled PET bottles (Global Recycled Standard – GRS certified). The zipper is also made of recycled plastic. This means – the same quality as before, just better for the environment!

We have further managed to keep our waste to a minimum by using any leftover materials for our packaging. You will therefore receive your product in a bag of the same fabric as our ski suits!

Read more about our certificates and organizations ->

Circular initiatives

This year we are launching a test project for our Norwegian customers where they can deposit their old ski suit and get a voucher to buy a new product. The used products are either sold to new customers directly or redesigned.

Unfortunately, this service will not be available for customers outside Norway this year, but hopefully, we will be able to launch it in other countries next season.

Repair and redesign

To emphasise our focus and commitment to slow fashion, we want to help you extend the life of your ski suit with simple tips and tricks.

Serine is our sustainability manager and the girl behind the sewing account @madebyserine. This winter, she is sharing her best ideas in redesign and repair. Follow us on Instagram @snowrollerofficial to keep up with her monthly column.

Read more about how to repair and redesign ->

Better, but not perfect

We want to be honest. We have a long journey ahead of us. It takes time, resources, and courage to reach our goals towards circularity. We want to say that we’re not fully sustainable at the moment but will strive to continue improving the ecological impact of our products, materials, and other parts of our business model and supply chain. For instance, we are looking at replacements for virgin nylon that we currently and partly use in our wool suits. We will also demand better solutions and improve the way we recycle our ski suits as efficiently as possible.