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How to repair a hole or tear

Your Snowroller ski suit is made to last, so you can enjoy it year after year. But even clothes made in quality materials are susceptible to wear and tear. Maybe your sleeve got caught on a branch while skiing or a hole was caused by a flying spark from a campfire.

If your ski suit should be damaged, it does not mean that you should throw it away! There are easy ways to repair your suit with minimal skills and equipment. And while you are at it, why not let your creativity loose and add a little personal touch?


This is the easiest and most durable way to fix any tear or rip. You will need:

  • Nylon repair patch in desired color (can be found in your local crafts store, for example Stoff og Stil or Panduro)
  • Iron
  1. Prepare garment: Clean area if needed, but make sure it’s dry before applying patch.If there is any filling coming out of the hole, put it back inside the suit.
  2. Cut the patch: Use a scissor to cut a patch that will cover the damaged area with about one inch of overlap in every direction. Round the edges of the patch to make sure it won’t peel off.
  3. Apply the patch and iron for 30 sec:  Iron with light pressure in a circular motion for 30 sec. Make sure your iron is set to a low temperature.

Alternatively: use a hairdryer instead of iron.


This mend will give you a repair that’s almost invisible. Or you could make it a fashionable visible mend by using tread in a contrast colour. You will need:

  • Thread in desired colour
  • Thin sewing needle
  1. Thread needle and make a knot on one end.
  2. Insert needle at the bottom of the tear. Make small stitch to secure the end.
  3. Make small vertical stich on one side of rip. (The smaller the better)
  4. Move across to the other side of the tear and make another vertical stitch.
  5. Repeat to the top.
  6. Gently pull thread, the tear will close up and stitches will disappear.
  7. Secure thread with a knot.


So, your ski suit got damaged at the after-ski party? I’m sure you had a great time, so why not reflect that by using this as a perfect excuse to cover it up with cute patches, colourful ribbons or anything that expresses your uniqueness.  

  1. First, use any of the methods above to secure the tear.
  2. Then – GET CREATIVE! Use iron-on patches, attach ribbons or anything else you might wish. There are no rules. Go treasure hunting in your local thrift or craft store.

If you can not repair the garment yourself, you can, for example, contact a sewing room or tailor who can help you. You can also pledge ski suits that are damaged or worn through our pledge system or contact for other tips and advice.

Remember to tag us in your photos, we want to see your amazing repairs and designs.

Good luck!

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