Recycled Collection

This year’s winter collection consist of five unique and cool ski suits – made out of recycled materials. The shell fabric, filling and lining is made out of 100% recycled PET bottles (Global Recycled Standard – GRS certified). Additionally, we have added a recycled zipper, and reduced disposable plastic and leftover materials from the production to make this year’s Snowroller bag that you get with your suit.

Good quality and improved fit – perfect for the winter ❄

Recycled materials should not be at the expense of quality – the recycled fabric used to create this year’s collection is as wind and water repellent as our other ski suits.

This year we have also improved the fit of the suits, with a higher collar and seams that make the suit fit even better. Therefore, this year’s collection is even more perfect for use on the slopes and on après ski!

Specifications - Recycled Collection

❄ Made of a comfortable wind and water-repellent material that provides good freedom of movement on the slopes.

❄ Pockets on the outside and inside with space for lift passes, mobile phones and other accessories.

❄ High collar with buttons in front.

❄ Adjustable drawstring at the waist and a belt at the waist that ensures a feminine cut.

❄ Snow locker and zipper at the bottom of the leg designed to fit slalom boots or snowboard shoes.

❄ Lined fabric that keeps you warm, even in cold temperatures. In temperatures around zero degrees, wool underwear will be sufficient if you stay in light motion. At colder temperatures, a warmer sweater may be beneficial. The suits have been tested up to minus 15 degrees.

❄ The suit is made of 100% recycled PET bottles (GRS-certified material), recycled SAB zipper and metal accessories.

How to take care of your suit

Wash the ski suit at a maximum of 30 degrees. We recommend that you remove the belt before washing and that you wash the suit in a washing bag to protect the garment and reduce emissions of microfiber. The suit should not be tumble dried.

Extended lifetime
To ensure that your ski suit has the longest possible life, we recommend storing it in the Snowroller bag that came with it. Also be careful with sharp objects around the ski suit to avoid making cuts or holes in the fabric.

If your ski suit should be damaged, it does not mean that it should be thrown away. Snowroller encourages all its customers to repair the garments if possible so that they can be used again.

If you can not repair the garment yourself, you can, for example, contact a sewing room or tailor who can help you. You can also pledge ski suits that are damaged or worn through our pledge system or contact hello@snowroller.co for other tips and advice.

Let us take back the winter!

Last year’s winter was a different winter – with closed ski slopes and less traveling. This year we will take back the winter and make the best we can out of it! Pack your ski suit and travel up the mountain with your closest friends or family, and enjoy the winter days out in the snow and on the slopes!