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Placing an order

How do I place an Order?

1. Click on the product you want to order
2. Choose your size in the dropdown menu
3. Click on “buy now” or “add to basket”
4. Insert your payment information and click “pay” or “place order”
5. The order is placed when you reach the thank you page
6. You will receive an order confirmation in your e-mail

Who should I contact if I have any queries?

Ta kontakt med oss via chatten på siden eller send en e-post til Vi vil svare så raskt vi kan.

Can I cancel or change my order?

If the order already is processed it is usually too late to change information or add items to an existing order. However, you can always send an e-mail to our customer service and we will do our best to help you.

How do I use a coupon code?

You can add your coupon code at the checkout. The amount of the coupon code will then be withdrawn from the total amount before you confirm and pay for the order.

Can I deposit a product?

Snowroller has launched a deposit scheme this winter, but it is unfortunately only available for Norwegian customers at the moment. We aim to make it available for all of our customers in 2022.

shipping and delivery

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide (except UK) from The prices include taxes and VAT.

What shipping methods are available?

We send our parcels with PostNord and DHL Express. The delivery time is 2-10 business days, depending on where you live (we ship from Sweden).

How long will it take to get my package?

Packages will be dispatched after 0-1 business days unless specified otherwise on the product page. If it takes longer, our goal is to let you know via email or phone. You will be notified by e-mail when the order is initiated.

Do I have to pay customs when I order from

No, you do not need to pay any additional or hidden fees. All prices include taxes and VAT.

Returns and refunds

How long do I have to return my order?

If you want to change the size, color, or product, you need to return your product within 30 days from the day you received it (January 1 for Christmas presents). If you want to withdraw your purchase, you need to return your order within 14 days.

Does it cost anything to exchange my product for another size or color?

No. We will pay for the shipment of both the new product and the one you are returning.

When do you refund my order?

We will refund your order as soon as we receive your return at our warehouse. You will receive the refund to your bank account within 10 business days after we have received the return.


Which size should I choose?

In order to choose the right size, you can try the following:

  1. Take a look at our size guides that you will find at the product page.
  2. See what size our models use and what their hight is at the product page.
  3. We recommend to choose the size of your trousers when ordering a ski suit if you are between two sizes. For wool suits, we recommend to use the size you normally use for base layers.

Are you still not sure what size you should go for? Get in touch with us by sending an email to

Er du fortsatt usikker på hvilken størrelse du bør velge? Ta kontakt med oss via chatten på nettsiden eller send en e-mail til så hjelper vi deg så godt vi kan.

How is the fit of your products?

Both the ski suits and wool suits are relatively normal in size/fit. The ski suit has a material that is not that stretchy, and thus we recommend going for the size you wear in trousers if you are uncertain of which size you should choose. While the wool suits are very stretchy.

Is the ski suit warm, and is it wind- and water repellent?

Our ski suits are made out of layers of fabric (shell fabric that is wind- and water repellent, filling that keeps you warm, and lining that feels soft to your skin). Therefore, the ski suits are suitable for the winter and can be used in colder temperatures (down to – 15 degrees celsius). If it is colder than 0 degrees celsius, we recommend using wool underwear under the ski suit.

Where are your products produced?

Our products are designed by our team in Norway and produced by our Norwegian-Chinese producer in Hunan, China. We dedicate a lot of time to collaborating with our products in order to make products of high quality that are made in good working conditions, as well as to reduce our environmental impact in the production and shipping phase.

What do you do for the environment?

Snowroller works continually on challenging ourselves and the fashion industry when it comes to sustainability. Our goal is to create ski apparel that is more sustainable during the whole life cycle.

In order to reach our goal, we are in the process of innovating our business from a traditional “take-make-waste” business model to a circular business model. In a circular business model, resources are used as long as possible in a closed-loop system in order to create maximum value. This is done through different circular initiatives, for example, recycling, redesign, and repair.

This innovation process is challenging and depends on collaboration with partners and actors in different industries. During the next years, we will implement circular initiatives in all parts of our business, one by one. We have already implemented the following initiatives:

  • Reduced the use of plastic in the production process by removing disposable plastic around each ski suit. Instead, we now use one recycled plastic bag in a carton with total eight ski suits.
  • Increase the use of recycled materials when making our ski suits, by replacing virgin polyester with recycled polyester (fabrics and zippers).
  • Increase the use of leftover materials from the production process by making the Snowroller bags of the same materials that the ski suits are made out of.
  • Developed a deposit system that gives used ski suits a new life. The deposit system is currently only available for our Norwegian customers.

My account

Why should I make an account?

At “my account” you will get an overview of your purchases and gift cards.

What shall I do if I do not remember my password?

Click “forgot password” after you have clicked at “my account”. You will then get an email with instructions for replacing your password.


How can I be featured in Snowroller’s social media profiles?

We love to see you in your Snowroller products! You are welcome to send us pictures or tag @snowrollerofficial. We will then feature some of the pictures in our feed.

Can I collaborate with you?

If you are interested in a collaboration, please send an email to where you present yourself and attach some pictures. We receive a lot of collaboration inquires, but will reply back as soon as we can!

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